1. Sharp-Edged Toys
As gifts are opened Christmas morning, take the time to check for any sharp/pointy edges. Eye injuries often occur on Christmas Day when excited children play with new toys.

2. Mistletoe Collisions
The mistletoe is meant to be a surprise, but sometimes it’s a bit too much of one right in the eye! Tall guys and gals out there need to keep an eye out for that unexpected mistletoe hanging.

3. Christmas Lights
Christmas lights can break or older styles could even explode. The glass is extremely thin and small shards pose another eye safety risk. Use caution when untangling strands.

4. Christmas Tree Branches
Even something as innocent as watering the tree or adjusting an ornament can result in eye injury since tree branches often come dangerously close to eyes during these activities. Pay attention to tree branches and make sure they avoid contact with your eyes.

5. Champagne Corks
New Year’s celebrations and champagne go hand in hand, but so do champagne bottle corks and eye injuries. This year, uncork that bottle of champagne with a hand towel over it to ensure the cork doesn’t fly. While not as flashy as a cork flying across the room, sending a party guest to the emergency room isn’t exactly a positive party memory.

In addition to being more aware, always use safety glasses when working around the house and exercise safe habits as you enjoy this year’s holiday celebrations.